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So how does it work?

Makeripples is a web-based digital platform. We think of it as an ‘action management tool’. It allows organisations to create action-packed online programmes and then invite people to take part in them through their own dashboards. We then measure the impact these programmes have and what it means every time you make a ripple.

What is a ripple?

A ripple is our term for an action. It could be anything! A call to action to donate, take up dancing, volunteer, plant a tree, sponsor a polar bear, read an article, watch a video, attend a webinar, save a banana, commit to a lifestyle change, sign a petition or write a submission. Anything you need to get you closer to your goal.

You create ripples on the organiser dashboard and members can interact with it on their own dashboards.

Ripples are released to your members in streams.

What is a stream?

Streams are made up of lots of ripples- so lots of action, and they are geared to an audience. A stream could be built to train volunteers, run an educational programme, set daily/weekly/monthly challenges, run a series of workshops interspersed with action, follow up a product-purchase with resources or guides to help facilitate behaviour change. Anything you need.

Getting your audience to make ripples.

Streams are specific to the members you invite to them. You can sign them up using their emails. You can do this through a kiosk at an event, through a link on your website, social media group, packaging, billboard, car, mum’s car or even on your pet iguana.

We want to start a dialogue. This ain’t no monthly newsletter they’re signing up for, this is a two-way street. Your community wants to communicate with you and we will help them do it. Through their very own dashboards, members can make their way through your stream, interact with ripples, share stories and ask questions.

Measuring your ripple effect.

Every time someone does something on our platform, we measure it. Our plan is to then interpret it and tell you what it means for you. You can check out your progress right in the makeripples platform or request an impact report at any time for a more in-depth look (note that this is functionality that we are still building). Our plan is to have no surveys or clunky methods of collecting data to see how you’re doing, we measure as we go.

So how does it work for individuals?

At this stage, to join makeripples you will have to be invited to a stream by an organisation that uses us (be sure to spread the word to organisations about us if they’re not already signed up 😘). We are currently working on a public directory to connect you with organisations in your community with access to their calls to action and public streams. If this sounds like something you want, you can register your interest here!

Do you have a cause/message you are an expert on? Do you want to advocate for it and start building ripples? An individual can also sign up as an organisation, just get in touch with us for options.

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