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Why we make ripples.

We want to create an affordable digital platform for organisations that make an impact on our world.

We want to revolutionise how these organisations communicate with their communities and how they enable them to take action.

We want to elevate how we determine value online and how we measure impact and move away from vanity metrics.

We want to build an online social tool with less noise and more focus. Built to support good organisations and people and not mine them for personal data for profit.

Who we are

We are a small (but funky) Wellington-based team. We harmoniously bring together experience in social outreach, science communication, design, sky-diving, telescopes, nautical puns and web development to bring you makeripples.

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UX Designer


Lead Designer

Our Plan

We are on a journey. And it’s only just begun! We have a 4-step plan:

Step 1

Build an online space to help create action and positive impact. Oh yeah, making ripples!

Step 2

Create a space to gather meaningful metrics (through validated data collected for good) around the impact you little change-makers are having on our beautiful planet. Woo, interactive and smart ripples!

Step 3

Learn from those metrics exactly what kind of impact organisations have on communities and how an individual action can have a big impact. Yeah we wanna watch those ripples grow!

Step 4

Build a set of robust impact measurement tools rooted in accuracy that does not allow for impact-washing or the use of vanity metrics (yuck!) built for both organisations and individuals.

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